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Vincent’s Brain

Royal Academy of Engineering storytelling workshop

  When we brought together twenty Biomedical engineers from Kings College London to Facebooks head offices for a storytelling work-shop I was expecting them to use their brains but I wasn’t expecting their brains to be stuck onto a window with blue-tac!   I should explain. My name is Clive Booth, and for want of Read More…

Mr Ishizuka

Canon EMEA President and CEO portrait shoot

In October 2018 I was invited to shoot Canon EMEA President and CEO Mr Ishizuka’s portrait, a huge privilege for a Canon Ambassador. As with every shoot I wanted to try to create at least one picture with some form of narrative story.   A new year and a time to look to the future Read More…

call me Al

Al Worden Command Module Pilot, Apollo 15 1971

“Now I know why I’m here. Not for a closer look at the Moon, but to look back at our home, the Earth.” – Al Worden Command Module Pilot, Apollo 15 1971   It’s late evening and I’m five years old, huddled in a green tartan woollen dressing gown over turquoise nylon pyjamas, the kind Read More…

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From concept to print: One of the first studio shoots in the World with the Canon EOS R

Article from Canon Pro Network September 2018. Written by David Clarke: When the UK’s Birmingham Royal Ballet wanted to publicise its new programme, Fire & Fury, it needed to sum up its production in one powerful, memorable image. “You have to hook the production around one picture, so it becomes synonymous with that production,” explains Read More…