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How print is helping brands tell a more compelling story

Excerpt from Canon press release. Designer, photographer and filmmaker Clive Booth is known for his distinctive style of selective focus that plays with variations of light, which give his work an atmospheric, intimate and at times ethereal quality. A Canon ambassador, he is renowned for his artistic experimentation and early adoption of new technologies and techniques. Five years ago, Clive’s love of the printed image led him to begin using a 24 inch Canon imagePROGRAF water- based pigment inkjet printer. In 2013 he upgraded to the newer model that featured a spectrophotometer – and Booth says that the control that the printer gave him over his work was, and still is, imperative to the success of his business. This was just the start of a compelling collaboration.


“Print is special, beautiful, tactile and valuable.The Canon iPF6450 enables me to retain complete control over all aspects of my pictures, the deep rich blacks, wide colour gamut and archivable Lucia EX inks mean that my work will live on for many years into the future. It (Canon iPF6450) completes an all Canon journey from camera to printer to paper in a way that no other brand can.”


The next chapter in the collaboration began when Canon Europe commissioned a Clive Booth photoshoot called ‘Elements’. Captured on the latest Canon EOS cameras and lenses, Booth beautifully depicted the four main elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – which he then brought to life on the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000. Following its success, Canon saw the potential in the project and invited Booth to expand the output for a unique showcase at FESPA 2017 – one of Europe’s largest global wide-format print expos. Clive was tasked with showcasing the full range of outputs that print can offer to help launch a new product or brand – and with ‘Elements’ as his inspiration, a fictitious cosmetics brand called Elemental was born. How the story unfolded After exploring the best ways to tell the brand story, the Elemental showcase at FESPA included 19 individual applications displaying outputs from different audience verticals – including interior décor, packaging, indoor and outdoor display, POS and poster, industrial and functional, photo and fine art, and on-demand communications. This collaboration allowed Print Service Providers to envisage how easy it is to integrate different printed applications to create a cohesive multi-channel campaign – resulting in one compelling story. Elemental was an ideal platform for Canon to showcase printed output from our entire spectrum of wide and small-format solutions – and the story of Elemental is a perfect example of how Canon brings its ethos of #UNLEASHPRINT to life.