Terence Stamp

Not having a camera meant shooting the portrait

I don’t believe in fate, luck, destiny, Karma or Kismet, as the saying goes ‘you make your own luck’. My particular favorite is ‘preparation meeting opportunity’, the mind being open to and tuned into the infinite possibilities of our interaction with both people and places and how we then interpret, make sense of and utilize this. Read More…

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House of Holland

Fashion Designer Henry Holland, Clive Booth, and Canon

Article From Canon Professional Network published June 2013. Canon Explorer Clive Booth has started shooting in 4K with the EOS C500 digital cinema camera and, as he tells CPN Editor David Corfield, there’s no looking back. Clive Booth is a meticulous planner. The former graphic designer has built up a strong reputation for fashion, beauty Read More…

Canon 5D MK III

Advertorial for Black + White Photography Magazine

Article from Black+White photography magazine published June 2013: Working on a fashion shoot requires plenty of talent and an unwavering eye – but it also requires the very best equipment to carry out your vision. When Clive Booth shot the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection for Henry Holland, he had both to hand. Picture the scene: it’s Read More…