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Aston Martin by Hackett SS17

Introducing the Hackett London X Aston Martin SS17 Collection, inspired from the new AM37 powerboat.

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Casual Portrait

A casual request for a portrait becomes anything but casual

Do you remember the moment in Jaws when Roy Scheider sees the fin of the great white shark from the beach… duunnn dunnn… an unforgettable scene that made movie history. The camera both zooms and tracks back simultaneously. The ‘Dolly Zoom’ an unsettling in camera effect pioneered for Alfred Hitchcock for the film ‘Vertigo’. Well Read More…

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Power of Print

Behind the scenes with Clive Booth's Ileachs Project and the Canon Pro 1000

In 1990 I spent two months making a film about an environmental research expedition in Spitsbergen, part of the Svalbard Archipelago in northern Norway, bordering the Arctic ocean. Crawling through the dirt rocks and dust of a glacial moraine I spot a seal. Taking care not to disturb it, I set up the tripod and Read More…

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Clive Booth interview

for Martin Evening's 'Photographers at Work' book

Featured Photographer Clive Booth talks about a chance meeting he had with Terence Stamp in a London Soho tearoom and how this led to him carrying out a classic portrait shoot with the actor the very next day. This interview is one of 12 that accompany the ‘Photographers at Work’ book, written by Martin Evening Read More…