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Asus Zenfone

Photographers cut / Global TV Commercial and stills ad campaign for Asus Zenfone and Intel

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Attacking the Devil

The experience and challenges of documentary

Above: First trailer with working title ‘A Man Called Harry’ followed by the final trailer ‘Attacking the Devil.’ / This article is From Canon Professional Network published February 2016. The Thalidomide scandal of the 1950s and 60s was a tragedy of the highest order; made worse by the lies, conspiracies and deception that followed afterwards Read More…

Karen Gillan

The Actress in Cannes before Hollywood

“The British Film Company would like you to go to Cannes as their guest and photograph Karen Gillan”. I’m deep in an edit for a new film project in London and not home in Derbyshire where my kit is. My manager, Mark George continues, “They want reportage pictures of her at a Villa, as well Read More…

Ileachs / Part Three

Documenting Life on a Scottish Island. The Decline

Whilst sailing off the South East Coast of the Inner Hebridean Island of Islay and looking across the calm waters to the Kintyre Peninsula, it’s easy to understand why John Baker always wanted to be a fisherman. John’s career began forty years ago, when at the age of 16, he joined his father Roberts boat. Read More…